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Car Air Conditioning Tweed Heads, Gold Coast and Northern NSW

specialising in all service and repairs of automotive air conditioning systems.

Air Conditioning Check and Service

This is the regular check and service for your air conditioning system not unlike when you have your car regularly serviced. Firstly a number of visual checks are carried out then infrared temperature scans are performed on the system to ensure that the heat exchange is operating within specifications. Pressures are tested and if all is ok and we are confident the system is in a serviceable condition we remove the gas, make any adjustments required, service filters and oil refill as required, evacuate the system and recharge with gas to specification. We also record the amounts of gas taken from your system and gas used to refill and keep those records as government requirements dictate and for us to monitor performance of your system.

Climate Control Service and Repair

Air Conditioning is essentially a cooler, it cools the air down to a preset temperature, Climate control on the other hand is a system that utilises your heater in conjunction with the cooler to give you a steady even temperature that can be set to you comfort. These systems usually control fan speed and vent direction according to temperature set and sun light conditions. But for a little titbit of information, if you don’t have climate control you can control the temperature of your air conditioning system manually, by introducing a little warm air from your heater. This is also a great way of defogging your car in winter, because the air conditioner will dehumidify the air.

Air Conditioning Diagnostic Services

A Diagnostic service is something that needs to be done when we have a system DOA (Dead on Arrival) or a poor functioning system. This is a Systematic diagnostic procedure designed to assess the entire air conditioning system and find all faults. Once this is done we can accurately estimate a repair.

Air Conditioning Disinfection Service

Disinfection is usually done at the time of a regular service. This service is designed to kill the germs that harbour in the moist dark environment within the dash. These germs and moulds are what give you that odd smell when you first switch the system on.

Air ConditioningRetrofitting

A Retro fit is what we do when we find (which is rare today) as system still running on the old R12 refrigerant. Changes need to be made to an older system to make it function on the new Ozone friendly R134a refrigerant.

Window Tinting

What better way to make your air conditioning system work more efficiently and cutting down the amount of heat entering the cabin? Window tinting not only cuts down the amount of heat passing through your windows but also blocks harmful ultra violet light that burns your skin and fades your interior upholstery. Your air conditioner will work more efficiently and save you fuel.

Cooling System and Radiator Repairs

Air ConditioningJust like you like to be at a stable temperature, so does your engine, the radiator and cooling system is your engines climate control and needs to be in good condition to effectively control the temperature of your engine. We are equipped to monitor and check your cooling systems effectiveness and able to repair or replace faulty components from a simple hose clamp to replacing your cylinder head gasket.

If your vehicle is over 5 years old or has over 120,000 KM on the clock, we would recommend replacing all the rubber radiator, heater and bypass hoses, when replacing these hoses we get to see the condition of all the hose fittings as well. The manufacturers are using a lot of plastic hose fitting now days and we find after this approximate time period, the plastic is starting to break down and become brittle. It is far better for these brittle fittings be identified in the workshop rather than experiencing a catastrophic engine failure out on the road on a hot day because one of these plastic fittings has failed.

Heater System and Defrost Systems

Like we like to be cool on a hot summer’s day, we also like to be warm on a cold winter’s day; rest assured that we can cater for all these repairs as well as, and including your windscreen demister and rear window defogging systems.

Power Window and Manual Windup Window Repairs

We are experienced in electric and manual windup window repairs and have extensive contacts with direct suppliers who manufacture these units. We can deal directly with these suppliers which means we can pass on the savings to you.